Have Fun Raising Funds!


Without the support of our passionate fundraisers, we couldn't do what we do!
We have lots of ideas on easy and fun ways you can fundraise for us.
Even just regularly sharing our social media posts with all your networks would be a huge help!

1. Charge of the Lightbrigade

Get on your horse as an individual or a group and organise a ride.

Make the event more fun and dress in costume as someone from the armed forces and/or wear your relative's medals.

Get your friends and family to sponsor you on your ride.

If you don't have a horse, just use your imagination: take a toy horse, drag your kid's rocking horse on wheels, use coconut shells on your quest ...

This is a great fundraiser to do at any time of year, but it works particularly well around ANZAC Day or Remembrance Day.

You can even create some publicity by inviting your community newspaper to cover the event.


2. Pledge your Birthday

Instead of getting lots of stuff you don't want, setup a fundraising page and ask your friends donate your age in dollars to EEA.

Pledge your Birthday

3. Invite your Friends over for a "Feeding Trough"

Instead of going out for a meal, invite your friends over to your place (i.e. the "feeding trough").

Ask everyone to donate the amount they would have spent at the restaurant.

Register your Feeding Trough

4. Sing 'til you're Hoarse

Organise a karaoke night and sing until you're hoarse!

Instead of going out to a karaoke place, invite everyone to your place and sing to You-Tube karaoke videos.

Your friends can donate what they would have spent at the karaoke place.

Register your Event

5. DIY Event or Challenge

Organise your own event or challenge:

- Make things to sell at a market or online
- Run a quiz night or some other event
- Challenge yourself: run a marathon, climb a mountain, paddle a river ...

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