Working & Training with us

Working with us


In addition to founders Jill and Warren Barton, EEA staff comprises a highly qualified resident veterinarian, vet techs, and grooms.

Local third-year vet students and practising veterinarians often do rotations at our clinic.

EEA staff regularly assist at weekly clinics held by neighboring charities that provide free routine medical treatment and advice on farm animal care to farmers and other local people.

Training with us

We run a free, 10-week training program that provides participants with valuable skills in the best practices of caring for equines.

Trainees learn about:

  • Veterinary care
  • Veterinary medicine
  • Diagnosis
  • Use of veterinary equipment
  • Equine nutrition
  • … and much more

There is no remuneration provided during the training period however you will gain valuable skills and a huge amount of practical experience.

The best trainees may also be offered permanent employment at our clinic.

If you are interested in completing our program, please get in touch below.