Volunteers and Visitors

Volunteer Vets and Vet Nurses

We’d be delighted to have some extra help, you’ll have an amazing experience, and you’ll find it incredibly rewarding to improve the lives of both the horses and their owners.

We are constantly in need of skilled equine medical professionals. If you are an experienced equine veterinary nurse, equine veterinarian or farrier that is looking for an interesting place to volunteer and gain amazing experience, we might be the perfect choice.

If you are able to meet the criteria below, please contact us to arrange your time at the EEA hospital:

  • You are able to stay for 4 weeks or longer
  • You will be responsible for organising your own accommodation (we suggest staying at the Sakkara Country Club), plus transport to/from the hotel (this can be arranged through the Country Club).
  • Lunch may be provided for those working on the farm, however you will need to organise your own breakfast and dinner (this can be supplied by the Country Club)



We are always happy to have visitors on our farm. If you are interested in seeing behind the scenes of our busy hospital, meeting our lovely resident donkeys, horses, cats and dogs or finding out where your valuable donation has been invested, please contact us to book your visit.

You can stay close to the farm by booking accommodation at the Sakkara Country Club, which is about 10 minutes’ walk or 2 minutes by tuk-tuk from our farm. Transport to and from the hotel can be arranged through the Country Club.

If you are visiting for just a short time, we will do our best to give you a tour through the hospital and spend as much time with you as possible, however, given our very busy work schedule, please understand that our time may be limited.

Many of our overseas visitors also bring much-needed supplies for us in their luggage (another great way to help!).

Volunteering or Visiting Application