Staff, Volunteers and Visitors



In addition to founders Jill and Warren Barton, EEA staff comprises a highly qualified resident veterinarian, vet techs, and grooms.

Local third-year vet students and practising veterinarians often do rotations at our clinic.

EEA staff regularly assist at weekly clinics held by neighboring charities that provide free routine medical treatment and advice on farm animal care to farmers and other local people.


Volunteer Vets & Farriers

who_are_we04If you are a vet, vet nurse, farrier, or other equine professional and you’re interested in helping us in Cairo, just read our Volunteer Information Pack then contact us to discuss volunteering with us.

We’d be delighted to have some extra help, you’ll have an amazing experience, and you’ll find it incredibly rewarding to improve the lives of both the horses and their owners.



If you’re a supporter and you’d like to visit, we’d be delighted to show you around so you can see the impact your support is having. Many of our overseas visitors have also brought much-needed supplies for us in their luggage (another great way to help!).

If you’re a supporter who is interested in visiting us, just contact us to discuss.